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South Boston

Our Mayor, Our South Boston

In recent years, much has happened in and around South Boston – new infrastructure, new development and new residents, but the strength of the South Boston community – the commitment to the neighborhood and to neighbors, remains strong.  While this swirl of development and activity moves forward, along the South Boston Waterfront, Fort Point Channel and the West Side, Mayor Menino is committed to continuing the investments and partnerships that will keep Southie strong and thriving for many years to come.

Today, the J. Joseph Moakley Park is a great tribune to South Boston’s legendary Congressman, and a widely used community resource thanks to the reconstruction plan put in place by the Mayor and his Administration.  Thanks to a recent public housing bond issue, upgrades are planned for the Old Colony and Mary Ellen McCormack Public Housing Developments.  Several years ago, the Boston Housing Authority completed the renovation of a portion of the West Broadway Housing Development as well, including a new Laboure Social Services Center, sponsored by Catholic Charities, which provides essential social services throughout the neighborhood.

Beyond physical improvements, the Menino Administration has strongly supported a comprehensive social services network that includes the South Boston Community Health Center, South Boston Neighborhood House and the South Boston Resource Center, created by Mayor Menino to help South Boston residents find jobs and job training programs linked to much of the development going forward in the area.

Along the South Boston Waterfront and the adjacent Fort Point Channel and in the West End of South Boston, a number of major development projects have been completed or are moving forward with the City’s assistance. Mayor Menino was a major advocate for the construction of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, which is a major magnet for jobs and economic activity in the area.  The Institute of Contemporary Art is open and Fan Pier is moving forward.  There is new housing along the waterfront, with more to come.  In Fort Point, the Mayor recently announced that two new companies were relocating to the area with 500 new jobs.  And a short distance away, one can find two major new housing developments, including the McAllen Building, the first Gold LEED Certified building in Boston, a blueprint for Mayor Menino’s strong commitment to “Green” buildings.

Much more will be happening in the South Boston neighborhood in years to come and Mayor Menino will continue to work to preserve the community’s strong social fabric, while encouraging the jobs and investment potential of its Waterfront and commercial areas.


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