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Jobs & Economic Development

Mayor Menino understands that cities are the economic engines that power the nation, and he has established Boston as a leader in economic innovation and opportunity.  Rooted in the belief that neighborhood business districts are just as important as the city’s downtown, Mayor Menino has helped to promote vibrant business districts throughout Boston.  Under his leadership, Boston has become a destination for new entrepreneurs, established companies, and emerging industries.  

During times of economic growth and in times of global fiscal uncertainty, Mayor Menino has always invested in job creation and workforce development for both youth and adults.


Supporting Local Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Mayor Menino has built a reputation for supporting local businesses and helping entrepreneurs.  As a city councilor, he brought the Main Streets program to Roslindale, providing a foundation for revitalizing neighborhood businesses.  Today, 19 Main Streets districts, generating over 600 net new or expanded businesses and 4,382 net new jobs, provide a host of local shopping options.    Building on this success, Mayor Menino founded Back Streets,  a program to retain and expand the City’s industrial base.  

With small businesses facing increasing economic pressure, last November, Mayor Menino launched Boston Buying Power, an innovative energy-buying group designed to allow small businesses to purchase energy as a large group at a long-term fixed price.

Attracting and Retaining Major Businesses

Mayor Menino has worked to strengthen the pillars of Boston’s economy – academia, health care, financial services, and tourism.  To help promote economic growth across sectors, Mayor Menino established Boston Invests in Growth, a $40 million low interest loan fund to help jump-start stalled construction projects.   Mayor Menino also spearheaded the creation of Boston World Partnerships, an initiative to help business leaders worldwide understand and access Boston’s competitive advantages as a global capital for innovation.

Developing the City’s Workforce

Mayor Menino realizes that Boston’s economic strength comes from its talented and diverse workforce.  As one of the few mayors nationwide to fund a summer jobs program with city revenue, Mayor Menino helps thousands of young people find positive employment opportunities every year because a summer job provides much more than a pay check.  It provides priceless life lessons and responsibilities for a young person.

The Mayor also supports an array of job training and workforce development programs for adults.   A longtime champion of ESOL courses for new immigrants, Mayor Menino continues to evolve with the global economy, most recently by launching a green jobs training initiative to educate workers in this emerging industry.

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