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Learn about Mayor Tom Menino and his vision for Boston.  From building strong neighborhoods to “greening” our environment, from reforming public education to increasing economic opportunity, Tom Menino is moving Boston forward. No matter how well you know the Mayor, something new is always happening.

Our Mayor

Mayor PictureEnergetic and effective.  Focused and innovative.  Tom Menino is the Urban Mechanic; he is the Mayor who gets the job done.

A national leader in education reform, housing and public safety, and a tireless champion for environmental and social justice issues, Tom Menino is working with residents and businesses to create a city of strong neighborhoods and unlimited opportunity for everyone.




A Safer Boston

Under Mayor Menino’s leadership, Boston has watched its crime rate drop to its lowest point in three decades.  Working with Police Commissioner Ed Davis, Mayor Menino has created a national model for successful public safety, empowering everyday citizens, community leaders and faith leaders to work alongside police.

Green Boston

Boston Pond

In partnership with neighborhood groups and new businesses, Tom Menino has put Boston on the forefront of the nation’s environmental movement.  

With hundreds of acres of new parks, strategic programs to grow Boston’s green economy, train people for new jobs and miles of bike lanes on their way, Boston, under Mayor Menino’s leadership, is becoming one of the country’s best places for green businesses and healthy living. 

Inclusive Boston

Gay Pride

Tom Menino is a progressive leader who has worked tirelessly to make Boston a welcoming home for individuals of all backgrounds and for families from throughout the world.

Menino has battled to break down the walls of discrimination and has helped heal some of the racial divisions that have separated our city.  From the creation of the Office of New Bostonians to the increased diversity of city government, Tom Menino is creating a Boston that is more than a city of neighborhoods – it is city of neighbors.

Educating Boston

Under Tom Menino’s leadership Boston Public Schools have gone from a failing school district to one of the most notable urban pubic school systems in the country, winner of the prestigious Broad Award for urban school improvement.

Not resting with this success, Mayor Menino is mobilizing the City’s libraries and community centers, its universities and its businesses, to ensure that every Boston child can reach her or his fullest potential. 

Fiscally Sound Boston

Thanks to Mayor Menino’s sound management through these tough fiscal times, our city has remained above water even while the rest of the country struggles.  One of the best indications of a city’s financial status is its bond rating, and with Mayor Menino at the helm, Boston’s is at its highest level in history.


Housing Boston


Mayor Menino has attained national recognition for his leadership on housing issues.  He has raised the standard for affordable housing, built partnerships to increase housing production, and developed a nationally replicated model to stem the tide of foreclosures in Boston.

Realizing that it is not enough to simply create new housing units, Mayor Menino has brought together housing and homelessness advocates to reduce the impact of homelessness and keep working class families in their homes. Among his current priorities are workforce housing production, rental housing preservation, revitalization of high foreclosure neighborhoods, and a plan to reduce long-term and family homelessness by 50% by 2012.


Working Boston


Mayor Menino understands that cities are the economic engines that power the nation, and he has established Boston as a leader in economic innovation and opportunity.  Rooted in the belief that neighborhood business districts are just as important as the city’s downtown, Mayor Menino has helped to promote vibrant business districts throughout Boston.  Under his leadership, Boston has become a destination for new entrepreneurs, established companies, and emerging industries.


Our Veterans


Mayor Menino has a strong and accomplished record of support to our city’s veterans,  and will continue to work hard to connect veterans with all available services.

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