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Inclusive Boston

Mayor Tom Menino has worked tirelessly to make Boston a welcoming home for individuals of all backgrounds and for families from throughout the world.  He has constantly stood up for those who have come to this country seeking opportunity, he has stood up for those in this country who have been discriminated against because of their race, creed or sexual orientation and made it clear that there is room for all in Boston, as long as people respect each other’s differences.  As the Mayor puts it, “The diversity of Boston is the strength of Boston.”

Leading By Example

Mayor Menino will always fight for the principles of inclusion, even if it means taking a tough stand.  For example, he was not just one of the first public officials to support the rights of same sex couples to marry, he stood out on City Hall Plaza to welcome the first couples to come forward and made sure they had a safe and positive experience on that historic day.

The Mayor’s leadership on issue of diversity extends to his appointments of Boston residents to boards and commissions.  As noted in a recent study by the University of Massachusetts’ McCormack Institute showed, Boston is one of the few cities whose diversity in its appointed leadership actually reflects the diversity of its residents.

Welcoming New Bostonians

Mayor Menino believes strongly that Boston must welcome, support and engage new immigrants.  To do this, he created the Office of New Bostonians which runs a variety of programs targeted to immigrants.  The Office reaches out to many diverse communities in Boston and has advocated for key services, such as significant resources dedicated for English as a Second Language programs in classrooms, on television, and on-line.

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