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Fiscally Sound Boston

Mayor Menino is a strong manager who has provided the City with fiscal stability in a time of financial insecurity.  Through a disciplined approach focused on the long-term health of the Boston, Mayor Menino has increased the efficiency of government and focused investment on services that constituents value most.

Fiscal Discipline

A City’s bond rating is like a grade of its financial health, and, through Mayor Menino’s leadership, Boston’s bond rating is at the highest level in the City’s history.  This high bond rating has allowed the City to invest more money in neighborhood projects and save millions in interest payments.  In addition, Mayor Menino has made the tough decisions even in the good times, which has allowed the City to build up its reserves to help it in the tough times.

Smart Management & Reforms

Often referred to as the urban mechanic, Mayor Menino has built a reputation on improving the operations of municipal government.  To increase accountability and transparency, he has implemented new systems to handle constituent service requests quickly and to track city performance and budget information on-line.

Aggressive Pursuit of External Funds

To increase economic opportunity in Boston, Mayor Menino is pushing his administration to apply for every appropriate grant available through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act.  He made Boston one of the first cities with a shovel in the ground using stimulus money and one of the first to track its progress publicly through its website.  In addition to federal and state grants, the City has been building partnerships with foundations and non-profits to leverage every resource it can to improve Boston.

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